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Unique sugarcane drink

From the depth of Asian jungles through the hand of diligent Slovak small-scale producers all the way to your fridge. Fall in love into its exceptional taste!

Benefits of HuriCane

Rich in vitamins

High content of vitamins and antioxidants

No additives

100% natural drink, no added sugars, preservatives or colours

Energy source

Natural source of energy in form of ‚slow‘ sugars which are absorbed slowly into the body, providing it with energy

Vegan formula

We are a proud partner of the V-label organisation, putting great emphasis on eco-friendly harvesting of ingredients and drink production

Unique drink

HuriCane is a new soft drink made from sugarcane juice. . In fact, it’s new only in Slovakia, as inhabitants of hot parts of south-eastern Asia, Latin America and north Africa have been enjoying its unique taste for centuries. Now we’re introducing its taste to Slovakia as well and trust you’ll love it. HuriCane is not just a regular juice pressed from sugarcane. Its naturally sweet taste creates a nice contrast with lemon juice and cherry and bamboo extracts. Forget about the syrup-flavoured water and switch to our quality drink. Your body will thank you!

Benefits of sugarcane

Who is HuriCane made for and when is it best to drink?


HuriCane is an incredibly delicious way of providing your body with energy that lasts all day long. It gives you a necessary boost and supports your creativity, which makes it a perfect healthy replacement of energy drinks and coffee.


As you’re probably aware, carbs are essential for your body. Fuel up with HuriCane and marvel at your amazing performance! HuriCane contains natural slow carbohydrates. Unlike regular sweetened drinks, these are released gradually and are easy to burn for your body.

Free time/relax with friends

HuriCane is a top choice when you crave a soft, healthy drink full of vitamins and antioxidants, or feel like having an alcoholic drink and are already fed up with the same old cocktails.

Our story

Our first encounter with sugarcane took place while we were on vacation. We made it by mistake, unconsciously and while suffering a headache that could beat King Kong. As we were getting off a cab, we noticed a guy in a small vending cart, pressing green liquid from a strangely looking bamboo-like sticks.

We had no idea what it is, but it looked healthy, and he even served it with ice cubes. SOLD!

A huge yum-yum followed our first sip. We chatted a bit with the vendor and found out that we’re drinking our first pressed sugarcane juice. It was sweet, yet refreshing and full of unique flavours. The moment the vendor saw we like it, he smiled and proclaimed it is the healthiest drink we’ve ever drank. We just laughed and kept enjoying our sweet beverages. We wondered why he was still trying to sell it to us. We had already made a purchase anyway :).

Curiosity is one thing; however, we still felt the urge to have the last word and so we hit the good old Google. Our goal was to prove the guy’s claims wrong. To our great surprise we found out it is us who is mistaken. We found zero articles or references to negative or harmful effects of sugarcane juice. As much as we wished to find some bad news, we were overwhelmed by the number of benefits mentioned. All we read was that sugarcane juice is healthy, rich in vitamins and antioxidants and prevents various health problems. Also, we found out that the only healthier drink out there is tomato juice. And let’s be honest… Who would drink anything like that :).

We kept buying sugarcane juice until it was time to end our trip. We got to like its taste and couldn’t get enough of it. We drank it as it was, or added gin, prosecco or lemon juice into it, and created new cocktails. We found different facets in each of these combinations.

Sadly, we had to face harsh reality after our arrival back home. There was no place for us to buy sugarcane anymore. Neither in Slovakia nor in any of the neighbouring countries. And then something popped in our minds. Let’s introduce it into our market and create our own delicious, healthy drink made from sugarcane, an ideal everyday replacement of energy drinks, paltry juices and caffeine beverages.

The journey was tough, we gave it all, but in the end, we managed to bring it to Slovakia and create a new brand, a unique formula made from lemon, Japan bamboo and cherry extract. Finally, we could introduce our masterpiece to the world.

We love it, give it everything we’ve got, and hope you’ll help us spread the word about HuriCane, so we can keep enjoying it 🙂

Sh! We’ve got a delicious tip for everybody over 18 years old

Mix a drink with HuriCane according to your taste. Try a combination with gin or prosecco. Highly recommended!

Mix your drink and don’t forget to tag us on Instagram and use the hashtag #huricanedrink